Covision revolutionizes large group meetings.

We turn large group meetings into group-wide conversations and transform passive listeners into active participants. We help generate ideas, alignment and unified action.

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There is no meeting too big and no agenda too ambitious.

Covision's interactive meeting technology has handled citywide conversations, culture changes, tense mergers and the problems of an entire continent.
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Let's Talk.

A little more conversation.
A lot more action.

Involving your employees in strategic decisions is a good strategy.

“Covision's interactive meeting technology worked flawlessly! You can take that to your next customer.”
Pat Yang - CEO Roche Worldwide Technical Operations

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Prevent mind wandering, doodling and clock watching.

Interactive meetings are drastically different from meetings as usual.

How we design an interactive meeting.

When innovation is the goal, an average meeting isn’t good enough.

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