If you’re considering making an investment in event technology, it’s important for you to understand the value that you’ll be getting out of that technology.  Here are some of the more obvious value adds that working with Covision bring to you.

  • Increased alignment

  • Catalyzed networking

  • Enhanced learning

  • Easier delivery of information

  • Increased collaboration and ideation

  • Deeply engaged participants

  • Increased understanding of

  • Actionable insights

In the Deloitte ‘Disruptions Conferences’, we were presented with a great opportunity—the possibility of tapping the thinking and wisdom of 100 CEOs all at once. Covision helped us to zero in on the best process, and the best tools, for a great design that our clients loved. And I totally trust them to manage all the technical details, behind-the-scenes, so that everything appears effortless.
— Peter Hauser (Producer, Deloitte)
We’ve seen Covision’s tools to be flexible and reliable as we’ve facilitated scores of interactive panel discussions on multiple tracks at the Clinton GIobal Initiative. Highly recommended.
— Daniel Stone (Facilitator, Clinton Global Initiative)