Large Group Meeting Design

  • Design the appropriate flow of presentations, breakout sessions, Q+A sessions and rounds of voting that best support your objectives.
  • Choose and customize technology that will help you seamlessly capture ideas, conduct votes and have good dialogue among the whole large group—no matter their location.
  • Coach presenters and leadership on how to keep the conversation focused on desired outcomes and the end goal.

Meeting Support/Facilitation

  • Facilitate/moderate meetings.
  • Manage the real-time distillation of participant input.
  • Coach presenters on how to best respond to input most effectively.
  • Manage all technological aspects of the meeting to ensure a smooth, productive experience for all participants.

Technology Selection & Delivery

  • Ensure that you utilize the most effective engagement technologies and that they run as planned, without interruption.
  • Logistical support.
  • Technical/production support.
  • Operation and management of technology during the meeting.

Post-Meeting Covision Report

  • In MS Word format
  • Marked “Confidential” on cover page
  • With table of contents
  • Includes all participant data verbatim
  • Includes all themes developed by Theme Team
  • Includes notes taken during whole group discussions, or Q&A (when pre-arranged with client)
  • Formatted for easy reading
  • Ready to print, or to distribute internally