Tools Designed to Engage

Interactive Q&A

You can collect participant questions in real-time during presentations or panels. Select the most interesting and important questions to address and send them to your presenter for response. This helps focus on the most critical content and ensure that the group has a clear, shared understanding.

Polling (ARS)

You can present ideas and ask participants to vote, rank or prioritize them. The results can be displayed in real-time. Use this to find areas of agreement, priority or preference.

Live Surveys

To assess a challenge, evaluate a proposed solution, or collect data on a topic, you can send out live surveys in advance, in the moment, or following a session. Results are available in real-time.

Gamification & Leaderboard

We can help you create quizzes, game-show themed modules, treasure hunts and other custom games to drive participation. To up the ante, you can display a real-time leaderboard with individual or team results throughout the event.

Tools Designed to Create

Small Group Dialogue, Brainstorming and Theming

Participants discuss a focused question, brainstorm in small groups then submit responses/ideas, which we help organize in real-time. This allows you to quickly dive deep on important topics and uncover and respond to the collective intelligence of the group.

Group Drawing, Photo & Video Creation and Sharing

We have drawing, photo and video modules that allow groups and individuals to create content and share in real-time. The result is a more creative atmosphere and a rich visual exploration of an idea or concept.

Virtual Breakouts

You can eliminate the need for separate breakout session rooms by using round tables in the main room. Tablets enable participants to capture group work, focus on specific content, and report out to the larger group all while staying in the same physical space.


Tools Designed to Manage

Slideshow & Interactive Content

As you present a top line concept to the group, you can push more detailed content to participants’ tables so they can focus on detais and gain a greater understanding.

Attendance Tracking

If you need to track attendance for continuing education credits, a certification course or any reason, we have simple check in and out modules, using codes or QR scanning.

Note Taking & Sharing

Distributing tablets to groups or individuals allows participants to take notes or capture reflections. These can be private or shared and made available after the meeting.