Large Group Meeting FAQs

Q: How does Covision’s large group meeting technology work?

A: We throw out all of the old conventions of meetings and redesign the flow to allow time for participant reflection, conversation and ideation. We help you determine the best questions, how to uncover the most common themes and how to respond in the moment. It’s no longer a static presentation. It’s a group-wide conversation.

Q: Does it take longer?

A: No. Actually, it takes less time to go through this process. Participants are happy to give feedback and be heard, which helps major themes and concerns come into focus quickly and allows the presenters to know exactly how they need to respond to keep the conversation moving forward.

Q: What type of large group meeting tools do you use?

A: We use different tools for each meeting. It all depends on how many participants you have, if you need to patch people in from different cities, if your group prefers laptops or iPads. As we talk, we can tell you what your options are.

Q: How do I talk to my CEO about Covision’s large group meeting technology?

A: Call us or fill out our online form and we’ll help you put together a top line proposal including design, technology options and an estimate of cost given your parameters. We can also tell you about our clients who have faced similar situations.

Q: How are you different from tool providers?

A: Tool providers are an off-the-shelf solution. We help you design a meeting flow that gets to the outcomes you’re looking for. We help you identity major themes in the feedback, determine the best way to respond and capture all of the conversation.

Q: Can I buy your large group meeting technology software?

A: We are a full service organization. We offer capacity building with your team, but to give you the software without training isn’t good for your investment.

Q: We hold an annual meeting of our leaders from around the globe. Is that the type of meeting you support?

A: Yes. It’s especially important to have an interactive meeting with groups that rarely meet face-to-face. It encourages more idea generation, small group discussion and captures the vital conversations they’re having.

Q: Do you support smaller meetings too … like 30-40 participants?

A: Yes. Sometimes people assume that smaller groups don’t need the aid of an interactive meeting, but it’s the structure of the meeting that creates the dialogue. We can help you design the right structure for your group.

Q: Do you work in Europe too?

A: We work all over the world. We’ve held meetings in almost every country and, if there are multiple locations, we can patch them together to have an inter-country conversation.

Q: How far in advance of a meeting does Covision need to be involved?

A: Ideally we’d have at least 4 to 6 weeks, but we have designed meetings in shorter time frames. If a date it fast approaching, let’s talk and we’ll see what we can do.

Q: Can I talk with someone there about my project … just to kick around ideas?

A: Of course. We offer free 30-minute consultations. Call us at 415-563-2020 or fill out our online form.

Q: Can I visit one of the meetings you are supporting?

A: It all depends on the meeting. Most of the corporate meetings we support are confidential, but we do work with a lot of non-profit and civic organizations who welcome public participation. If the timing works, we can invite you to sit in.