For Organizational Leaders

  • Gain the clearest understanding of your whole group’s perspectives.
    Be able to respond immediately to group perspectives in order to achieve greatest alignment, soonest.
  • Tap into meeting participants’ specialized knowledge and apply it most effectively
  • Move large groups meetings toward realistic, sustainable actions.
  • Make better long-term decisions – ones understood and supported by the whole meeting group.
  • Create momentum that lasts long after the large group meeting is over, because participants remember their own engagement there.

For Participants

  • Engage more deeply with the content being presented.
  • Learn how your own ideas and feelings compare with the large group’s and with the leadership.
  • Feel a stronger sense of ownership within the group meeting.
  • Embrace and implement new ideas, changes and processes faster.

You paid bundles to fly everyone in.
Why not listen to what they have to say?

Large group meetings are a big investment. Turning a presentation into a company-wide conversation ensures no idea is left unsaid. Imagine having the ideas of 200 of your best employees in your hands.

In the same room, on the same page, creating the future together.

Words like agreement and collaboration may sound soft, but they turn out some hard and fast results. Besides, if your meeting’s theme is to “Unleash Potential,” shouldn’t your meeting actually do that?