Covision Collaborative Meetings

We ensure that your group—whether 15 people or 3,000, whether in the same room or in numerous rooms around the world—reaches the highest levels of understanding and agreement in the shortest timeframes. We know – that’s a tall order. But in fact, it’s entirely possible.

For the last 20 years, this meeting design methodology has proven effective in accelerating understanding and alignment, getting “all brains on deck,” and tapping into the creative thinking of all participants.

Collaborative Meetings involve:

  • Participants engaging in small group dialogue about important questions facing the group
  • Each small group’s key ideas are captured in a networked iPad
  • The group’s responses are distilled during the discussion period and a list of themes is prepared to show the group
  • This creates a productive dialogue between ALL participants, quickly revealing the “groupmind”.
  • Further convergence in the group can be built through voting or prioritizing

Collaborative Meeting Formats

Format 1: Face-to-Face

When it’s time to bring everyone together, The Covision Methodology allows getting the absolute most out of the opportunity (and your investment). In this way, you can tap into the wisdom of the group, find areas of agreement, or find other areas that require deeper or broader discussion. Alignment comes naturally, easily.

Face-to-Face Meetings involve:

  • All participants gathered together in one location
  • All participants are seated to facilitate small group dialogue
  • Possible use of breakout rooms (but often not necessary)

Format 2: Multi-site

When time and money spent traveling to one site makes holding a large face-to-face meeting unfeasible, the Covision Methodology can be used to engage participants effectively in a multi-site meeting. With good design and technology support, the experience can feel close to that of everyone being in the same room. A few sites, or dozens around the world, can operate as one efficient, effective large meeting.

Multi-site Collaborative Meetings involve:

  • Use webcasting or teleconferencing technology to enable participants to see presenters and presentations across sites.
  • At each location, all small groups are wirelessly connected via the internet to the main site through tablets running the Covision software.
  • Participant ideas from all sites are viewed and themed together at the central site by the Theme Team.
  • Whole group dialogue across multiple sites

Format 3: Virtual

Often it is impractical to bring participants or stakeholders together at all. In this case, you have another strong option: a 1-2 hour virtual meeting (or a series of them), using the Covision Methodology. Significant travel costs are avoided while you provide a powerful platform for collaborative thinking and planning. It is especially effective when all participants are already familiar with each other – it is easiest to move quickly to key points and dive deep as appropriate, in the shortest time frames.

Virtual Collaborative Meetings involve:

  • Participants are invited via an email containing a dial-in number and a link to a Covision website.
  • Once each logs in to the meeting site, facilitators can present slides to everyone but more importantly, they can push question screens to all participants in order to get their instant feedback.
  • These question screens invite ideas and comments in text form, or can be polls in a variety of voting, ranking or prioritizing formats.
  • With open-ended questions, it’s also possible to enable participants to see the responses of others on their screens (wherever they are) and it becomes a facilitated interactive dialogue.
  • Participants are able to comment on each other’s comments verbally or again in text on the same screen.
  • Quickly tap into the collective intelligence of a dispersed group.