Virtuous Meetings.

Technology + Design for High Engagement in Large Groups

Find out how we can help you create collaborative large group meetings.

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“If you think you can’t get work done or people engaged when they are in large meetings, be prepared for a surprise in this handbook of how to think about large meetings and a detailed guide to the technology that makes it happen”
-Barbara Bunker, author of The Handbook of Large Group Meetings
Virtuous Meetings breaks out of the confines of traditional large meeting formats to show the reader what is possible when you need to get large groups of people talking and making decisions together. The book shows that it is possible to use recent developments in communication technology to achieve better outcomes in large, important meetings.

Virtuous Meetings liberates meeting designers from traditional assumptions, and business-as-usual Q&A and breakout formats, with an approach for capturing and working with the contributions of all participants in real-time.

“Virtuous Meetings is a simple notion—give participants back their voice, and enable them to generate ideas, solutions and understandings that move the whole group, no matter how large, forward together.”
— From the Introduction

Virtuous Meetings become virtuous by making the best possible use of each participant’s energy and ideas, and the most respectful use of each participant’s time. They create the highest possible value for the participants, for the presenters in front of the room, and for the organization or cause to which both the participants and the presenters belong.

Gathering a large group creates a heightened level of energy and excitement – everyone can feel the possibility for expanded synergy and insight. But until recently, large group meetings, because of the shear number of people in the room, have been mostly exercises in one-way communication of information.

The new methodology described in Virtuous Meetings integrates communications technology into meeting design, to completely transform how the meeting feels, and what the meeting accomplishes.

Virtuous Meetings are collaborative, generative meetings that create convergent outcomes. They essentially serve the same creative and productive purposes as small “brainstorming” or “working” sessions.

Participating in a Virtuous Meetings is exciting, creative and revelatory. They give the participants a glimpse of what it means to work as a single (large), integrated team.

The transformative power of applying communications technology to large group meetings is dependent upon the meeting design. The design methodology offered in Virtuous Meetings is the result of Covision’s twenty years experience pioneering the integration of technology into large meeting design.

The book includes principles for working with technology in large meetings, design elements that have to be considered, the sequence of design, tips for facilitating, and the way in which these meetings can be scaled. In each part, the authors speak from the front lines—from experiences with clients and their critically important large meetings. The Case Story feature of the book shares important lessons from some of the authors’ most memorable engagements.